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Welcome to the website of Symbiosis International B.V.

Symbiosis International has its roots in the horticultural world. You can find more detailed information about who we are by clicking here.

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About Symbiosis International B.V.

Since 3 generations active the Horticulture and specialized in the field of Flowerbulbs.

As the Horticultural world and also Flowerbulbs-productions and trade are are rapidly changing worldwide, the family business once started as

“Van der Tang Brothers”

has evolved into an export- and consultancy service worldwide. Therefore the familyname has been modified into a name more fitting

“ Symbiosis International b.v. ”

The company is activ all over the floristic industry and therefor not limited.

With the speed of the Internet informations are always available and for that reason it is important that we are dealing with Top-Quality pricecompetetive products, but at most:

that our clients find in Symbiosis International b.v a reliable Partner that brings in added value !

Welcome to Symbiosis International B.V.

Productrange & services

We offer:

Perennial plants
Potted plants
Import Services
Export Services

for more information, contact us.

Welcome to Symbiosis International B.V.


The availability of clean water is not for every country naturally and for that reason we have to be very carefull with its consumption. Not only in plantgrowth, but alsof for the quality and availability for consumption.

Crop protection
The use of pesticides for crop-protection are no longer desireable, not even when the use is legalised.

We have to ‘think outside the box” , stop the overbearing on nature and find working alternativs to protect flowers and foodproduction and as well the environnement on behalf of our legacy to the next generation.

Spend less: (water, fertillizers & pesticides)
Think in solutions : ( re-use of water & call on biological crop-protection)
Spinn off : reduction of wasted water
: reduction of use of harmfull chemicals
: higher Yields ( by innovativ production methods )
: higher Quality. => higher revenues

Welcome to Symbiosis International B.V.

Company Details

Symbiosis Invest b.v.
Mothercompany & holder of 100% of shares from Symbiosis International b.v.

Symbiosis International b.v.
Chamber of commerce registration nr: NL 7199.7407
Taxes BTW / VAT / Mwst. nr.: NL 8589.34.942.B.01
EORI nr.: 8589.34.942

KNAB Bank account nr.: NL 81 KNAB 0257 68 16 63

Professional organizations
Member of BKD
Flowerbulbs inspection organisation
Member of Anthos
Royal Trade Association for the Treenursery & Flowerbulbs producers

Pro-Admin bv Contactpersons:
Kruisweg 939b mr. H. Hutjes
2132CD Hoofddorp mr. M. Kempff
The Netherlands Becon reg. Nr.: 631.929
Tel.: +31 23 3031240 E-mail: h.hutjes@pro-admin.nl

Welcome to Symbiosis International B.V.

Contact Details

Symbiosis International b.v.
Address : Staverdense beek 6
Postcode : 8256 TC
Place : Biddinghuizen
Country : The Netherlands

Telephone : +31 321 841 460
E-mail : info@symbiosis-int.com
Website : www.symbiosis-int.com